What Really Matters?

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What betters you?

What makes you challenge yourself? Is it a person? An activity? A mindset? What challenges you to try and better yourself throughout the day? There are a number of things that can truly challenge you, in big or little ways, all of these are important. They push you to change, to adapt. The challenge what you thought was solid and concrete. Keep these. All of these things have a role in creating the bigger picture of YOU. These things matter.

What truly makes you, you?

If I were to ask you simple questions regarding your personality, are you more hot-headed, are you more laid-back, are you kick to do things or procrastinate, are you compassionate? The list could go on and a number of things would be easy to identify when analyzing yourself; however if I were to ask you, why are you like that; it would take longer for you to pinpoint. Think about that. Take a moment throughout your day to think about what makes you, you. Whether it’s your compassionate self, due to your family upbringing, or your experience with ignorance in the past. Go down the list.
I’m not asking for you to only identify the positives, identify the “negatives” as well. Whether you curse too much, are too hot-headed or quick to jump to conclusions. These are all things that we can work on. Identify them. Learn them. Recognize them. These are the first steps.

At the end of the day, what do you lie in bed thinking about?

When you finally get those final minutes to yourself, allowing yourself to drift into sleep, what do you think about? Is it all the craziness and anger going on at your day job, is it the test you might have failed, is it a breakup with a significant other? Identify those things. Recognize them. Focus your energy on exactly those things. Ask yourself the question, why am I letting these things consume me, and take the few minutes I have to myself to flood and overwhelm? Yes, these things may seem like “they matter” and they could definitely matter in the here-and-now. But I am not talking about the here-and-now. I am talking about in the grand scheme of things.
When you leave this world one day, will you be thinking about your break-up, will you be thinking about that failed exam? No. You will be thinking about the life that you had. How genuine it was. How many people love you and how many you have affected. THESE things matter. What you have done throughout your life for yourself will matter, however what you have done for other people will matter more.
Focus your energy on all those things that make you better and push you. A positive mind leads a positive life.

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